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Morning Surprise


I didn’t mind the snow… until it snowed forever and a half and ruined my plans many times within a week.


A Trip to the City

Went to a Chinese show at Radio City today – fun fun!  Lots of propaganda though but besides that it was pretty, and the people did really interesting dances that I’ve either never concentrated on or heard of before.

I never really noticed how big Radio City was.  I went there for someone’s graduation once but sat pretty high so everything was midgetized.  This time my family and I sat in the 3rd row from the front and it was really cool just looking at how high the ceiling was!

Here’s my posts for the day!


After I left the house wearing so much, I thought it might get colder as I’m walking… yeah, that didn’t happen.


More like the curse of wearing glasses.   I regret needing my glasses to call anything HD.