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Morning Surprise


I didn’t mind the snow… until it snowed forever and a half and ruined my plans many times within a week.




This was a conversation I had over the phone with my friend, Mikey, but this is how I imagine it if we were in the same space haha.

It’s been snowing way too much these days.  Every other day is a snow day and it’s getting a bit old sadly.

Snowy Difficulties

REMINDER:  Buy Water Proof Boots!!

Yep, my friend, Khadijah, actually lifted me up and carried me like that across a freaking lake of water.  Thanks K!

For the whole day, my shoes kept getting wet, and since those were the only ones that were semi-water proof, I had to deal with it haha.  Oh boy was it uncomfortable = (

I did see a great movie today in theaters called Summer Wars!  (Sat through it with the wet shoes  haha)  It was an awesome anime movie about a cyber world as well as the real world where it explores familial issues and digital terrorism as well.  It’s an odd mixture when I say it, but its integrated really well and isn’t your run of the mill movie.   Beautifully animated and highly recommended!  It’s not out in US yet but there was a premiere with subtitles at Children’s Film Fest.  Here’s the trailer, check it out!  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Wi2lb1sVk8

Nasty Day

Today was really gross outside what with all the rain and slush/snow…more slush though.  Everything totally got wet and uncomfortable.  Good thing I was able to sit on the bus on the way to college though; that was the only happy thing haha.  Hope your day was better than mine!

Anyway, here is my entry for today: