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Silly of me to expect otherwise especially in this class =/  Hope we can have that dinner again sometime soon though.


Overtime at School

I would have been very annoyed if the keys to the storage room weren’t there since I came to school just to work on my painting, which (surprise!) is stored in the storage room.  Good thing it was there though!  My trip to school wasn’t worthless afterall!!

School and Flowers

1) So yeah, all my info was wrong haha.


Finally I know its name =)  Now I can show people what I’m talking about.  Yay!


Interesting conversations just like to turn up sometimes.  Hope you’re less tired today Matt~


So much for Women’s Day – could this be an omen!?!  Oh well ahah.  It was pretty while it lasted =D

Today was nice!  The weather was awesome, had a great lunch with a bunch of friends both old and new, silk screening went well, got home and slept, and now… time for hw = ) –> = (