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ImageHe gets Doctor Who references!!  *sniffle*  They grow up so fast…!

A conversation I had over the internet, but this is how I would’ve imagined it =D


Face Off

It caught me with my pants down… bastard.


What’s going on?

Hmm no freaking clue!  Or maybe I do have a clue, hm.  Anyway, I hate it when these things happen.  I was thinking if I did a comic on it, it might calm me down.  Kinda did something haha.  So yep, apparently I’m freaking out at 12 in the morning.  Whoo~ good start to the day, and I haven’t even gone to sleep yet :/  Might be a good time to start.


I wonder if I should be worried about how mine is feeling.



Apparently these two things constitute as sweet talk haha.